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Fiftyniners' Directory
Colorado Argonauts



UMPHREY, Henry, died, Jun 27, 1859, Denver City. Was of Alton, Illinois, and in 40th year of age. (RMN, files)

UNGER, William, arrived Denver via Leavenworth, May 21, 1859, accompanied by John M. Merritt and John Turner. (RMN, May 1859)

UNION BAKERY, on corner 5th and St. Louis Streets, Auraria. (Directory of same year) by Humble and Company. (Location is now known as corner of Larimer and 10th Streets.)

UNION BAR, diggings on Clear Creek, 1859. The Union Bar Gold Mining Company was located here, and it was important enough to be erected into a political precinct 1859.

UNION SCHOOL, mentioned in Directory of 1859. (No address) The principal being O. J. Goldrick. In RMN, p. 3, Sep 29, appears its first advertisement. (Called Union Day School.)

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