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QUARTZ VALLEY, or QUARTZ VALLEY DISTRICT, is described by a resident of Mountain City as follows: “The diggings are bounded on the north by the north branch of Clear Creek, on the east by the north and south line passing by Castle Rock, on the south by the Divide between this and Eureka District, and on the west by the Snowy Range.” Again: “This District is about five miles northwest from here.” QUARTZ CREEK was a camp too, very good in 1859, and name of QUARTZ MILL appears in files mentioned with respect as place esteemed in that time. The Daily Herald, of same year, is reckoning on Sep 29 that there must be about 138 Quartz Mills already in the mountains.

QUEEN, William, arrived Jul 1, 1859, lived in Central about 1890, was member Pioneers’ Society, born in Ohio Sep 30, 1833. I have a clipping which gave notice of his death: Died, in Denver, at his residence, 317 W. 4th Avenue, May 12, 1898, aged 65 years, Mr. William Queen, one time resident of Russell’s Gulch, mining there and in Pleasant Valley District. He had ranche known as “Queen’s Ranche” adjoining Banta Hill Ranche. He left a wife and four children. Was member of Central Lodge No. 6, A.F. & A.M. and buried at Fairmont Cemetery.

QUICK, V. C., was member of the Water Company (Ditch Company), Denver, 1859.

QUILLIAN, Thomas, mentioned in Watrous’ History Larimer County, p. 111. Miner, born Apr 13, 1829, North Carolina, emigrated Indiana with parents, thence in 1854 Marion County, Iowa, Randolph County, Illinois, 1858, and in the year 1859 moved to the Pike’s Peak region, arriving Apr 5. He was 67 days enroute. The “Killian Brothers” mined in Gregory at first, and became friends of Green Russell and mined with him. In a few years he quit mining, located a ranche in Quillian Gulch, and in 1920 was living in Fort Collins.

QUINN, G. E., on Jan 1, 1859 acknowledged payment of mortgage on Jefferson County lands, Jefferson Territory, but does not give residence, but on Feb 28, following, he states himself to be “Of County of Jackson, Territory of Jefferson.”

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