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Fiftyniners' Directory
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KANE, John, original stockholder of Auraria City 1858.

KARZEWSKY, E., one of first bakeries in Auraria, 1859, situated on Ferry Street, two doors below Wooten’s Store. (This location would be at present time described as 1427 11th Street.) He had a partner, Henry Reitze (see this) and he also in addition to baking bought some Donation Lots with agreement to build hewed log house, probably being earlier than the others. He was grantor of Denver lots to T. W. Bayaud, Dec 10 same year. (See for his properties index to early Arapahoe County Land Records.)

KASCHER, Philip E. S., is probably an arrival of ’59 or somebody was of opinion he was so arrived, for an express package is advertized for him in RMN. (File of this year)

KASSERMAN & COMPANY, of Auraria, had first carpenter shop on Ferry and Fifth Streets (now Larimer and 11th). LUTTRELL and HEMPHILL associated with Kasserman in the shop, according to tradition at corner of 6th and St. Louis (now Lawrence and 19th Streets). These notes are culled from a Directory of Denver 1866. (It is said that they later built a two-story building at the last address.) S. D. Kasserman is said to have lived or had residence in 1866 on 5th between Cherry and Ferry, an address corrected to Larimer between 11th and 12th at this time. There is in the files of 1868 (paper not noted) a marriage as follows: “Stephen D. Kasserman, and Marie D. Starling, married Dec 17, 1868, by J. L. Peck.”

KAST, Frank J., original stockholder of Auraria in 1858. The Auraria Town Company granted to him 37 lots in City of Auraria Nov 5, 1859, and in 1860 he bought lots of City of Denver Town Company.

KEEL (or Keal) AND COMPANY, mining, three men, Russell’s Gulch, 1859.

KEEL, Jesse, arrived Jun 3, 1859. Was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, and lived Central City as late as 1920. Was born Kentucky Dec 23, 1833.

KEELER & MEAD, mining, summer of 1859, Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats. (The name of Keeler might be confused with Kehler ? - see)

KEENE, J., shareholder Golden City Association 1859. (October)

KEGHLER (or Kehler?), W. O., member first Constitutional Convention from Illinois Precinct. This Precinct had in 1859 five delegates, so must have been large in population, as Auraria only had nine delegates. It was a mining camp.

KEHLER & COMPANY, mining Nevada Gulch, 1859.

KEHLER, the Rev. J. H., is said by one authority to have arrived in 1859, but as his church was not organized until four months later this is unlikely, unless he is identical with the John H. Kehler above, which seems not stated in history. But he may be a near relative of Sheriff Keeler (?) and it is best to place a few notes relating to him. He lived in Denver, and was rector of St. John’s Church in the Wilderness, at the beginning of its establishment Apr 9, 1860 until after his election as Chaplain of the First Colorado Cavalry, and delivered his farewell sermon Jun 8, 1862. He must have been advanced in years for the following death notice would indicate it: Died, Talbot B. Kehler, eldest son of Rev. J. H. Kehler of Denver City, died Mar 2, 1860 at his residence near Marysville, California, after an illness of ten days. Aged 38 years. (RMN, May 16, 1860). The following marriages were solemnized by Rev. Kehler: Sep 27, 1860 Henry J. Rogers and Miss Cremona Kehler, at residence of Rev. J. H. Kehler, Denver. Another: In Denver, Sep 27, 1860 at residence of Rev. J. H. Kehler, Mr. Thomas G. Wildman, and Miss Mary B. Kehler. (Both notices are from Western Mountaineer, Oct 4-6, 1860, Golden.) In Dec 1860 it is noted that the Episcopal Church festival at Mr. Kehler’s was very successful, and attended by about 175 ladies and gentlemen. (Western Mountaineer, p. 3, Dec 13, 1860)

In one place I have seen it stated that Rev. Kehler was originally of Virginia. He was succeeded in the Episcopal Church by Rev. H. R. Hitchins. A ranche on Dry Creek was recorded by John H. Kehler in 1859, “about three miles from Arapahoe (City) and the same distance from Golden Gate Village, 160 acres, adjoins ranche of William P. Deye.” Recorded Oct 11, 1859. (Jefferson County Land Records, Golden) A portrait of Rev. J. H. Kehler is on Smiley’s History of Denver, p. 719.

KEHLER, John H., or “Jack,” was Sheriff of Arapahoe County for he certifies in that year, Feb 21. He had also lots in Denver City and lived in Mountain City, probably later in season.

KEHLER & PATTON, Mountain City Merchants, 1859.

KEHLER, PATTON & FLETCHER, mining, 1859, in Bates lead, Russell’s.

KELBER, Christian, an arrival of 1858, for he was in this year stockholder in City of Auraria. On July 25, 1859, he is grantor of a few Denver lots and styles himself as “of America.” This may be however, an incorrect spelling of “Auraria.”? It could also suggest that he was a new arrival from Europe.? He grants again some Denver lots on Jul 27 and on Aug 23 records certificate of his lots, naming lot 22, block 68. He had Donation Lots for building, earlier in the season of 1859, possibly in 1858? His name was misspelled KILBY in one of these papers.

KELEBER (Keleher?), David, “of Arapahoe County” is witness 1859 at sale of land, Nov 29.

KELL, John, partner of D. P. Myers, in mining claim, Oct 1, 1859, in Gregory Diggings. (Gregory Record, p. 19) Also description of claim.

KELLER, C., owned lots Aug 1859, bought of J. W. Iliff, Denver. He was entitled to them by Donation. (Arapahoe County Land Records)

KELLER, Christian, (see Kelber above) lot donated to him, later given to Arthur Botts, Denver, Aug 1859.

KELLER, the names of J. H., also Jack, are accompanied with mentions of lots donated and granted, but probably refers to Kehler above.

KELLER, Matthew, is grantee of Denver lots on Blake Street between D. and E. on Oct 25, 1859. He is still “of Arapahoe County” in December of same year, and on 30th is grantor of lot 6, block 21, Denver. (Arapahoe County Land Records)

KELLEY, H. S., a resident of Mountain City 1859.

KELLEY, Dr. James, of Golden, Colorado, practiced there many years, very excellent physician. Arrived Cherry Creek 1859, and had claim described as being near J. S. Pitcher’s claim down on Clear Creek. This was located Dec 1859, and recorded in Jefferson County Land Records, Liber A, p. 1. He later moved to Golden and practiced medicine. Died since 1909.

KELLEY (Kelly), John, makes and files claim on the Casto Gulch, in Gregory Diggings, near Mountain City, Sep 23-30, 1859. (Gregory Record of 1859)

KELLEY, M. C., was a Territorial Representative elect from the 6th District (or 16th?) 1859 (for Legislature, Provisional Government).

KELLEY, William F., grantee, Denver City lots, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, 1859)

KELLOG, Mr., “an old ’59 friend called at Register office, Central, Jan 12, 1864. He goes with his family from Denver, where he has been stopping, to the mines of Idaho Territory.” (Tri-Weekly Mining Register)

KELLOGG, Daniel, an arrival of 1858, was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, and in 1920 was resident of Seattle.

KELLOGG, David, member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, and in 1920 was living in Seattle, Washington. He is an arrival of Oct 24, 1858. (Another account says 1859.)

KELLOGG, S. B., files ranching claim (with N. R. Maxy) situated on west side Platte River, Arapahoe County, near Allen and Murphy’s claim dated Dec 14, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, 1859 books)

KELLY (or Kelley), D., arrived in Wagon 9, of E. Doty’s Lightning Express train of 10 wagons, May 22, 1859, accompanied by six other men, D. McKinney, S. R. Moore, M. & D. McCarthy, J. Kennedy and E. Kennedy of Illinois. (See E. Doty for route, etc.)

KELLY, Daniel, miner, arrived in Denver from South Park trip. (RMN, file of 1859)

KELLY, Edwin, an arrival of 1859, living in 1899, time of a banquet of the Pioneers, at 1145 California Street, Denver. (Clipping)

KELLY, Hiram B., pioneer of California 1849, of Colorado 1852-6 and later. His father, who was with him, died about 1854. He led wagon trains across the Plains in 1857 to Salt Lake. Was married at Fort Laramie in 1864 to Elizabeth Richard, born near this Fort. Later resided in Ft Collins, when his mother died. (The Trail, Jun 1824)

KELLY, Joseph (or James), has claim “beginning at a pocket on eastern slope of Rocky Ridge, extending between Jackson Road and Bear Creek,” etc., 160 acres land, surveyed Dec 28, 1859 by P. H. Sayer. (Jefferson County Land Records, 1859)

KELLY, Mrs. William, of Gilpin County, member of Pioneers’ Association of that County, arrived goldfields Apr 1859. (Her maiden name not given.) This is from clipping in back of Record Book of Gilpin County Colorado Pioneers Association.

KELSEY, Van B., arrived Jun 1859. In 1890 and 1907 lived in Ft. Lupton. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Born Ohio Apr 20, 1839.

KELSICK (Kelwick?) & COMPANY, five men, mining, Russell’s Gulch 1859.

KENCELEM, William, of Arapahoe County, grantee, five houses and stable on lot 6, block 6, Auraria Jul 9, 1859. James Robinson, grantor.

KENDALL, ---, arrived goldfields 1859 with David Wall’s party. He was later of Arapahoe City.

KENDALL, ---, of the Gregory discovery party (his 2nd trip to Colorado). Kendall Gulch was named for him. He originally came 1858.

KENDALL GULCH, later became site of Central City.

KENDALL, W., of Gregory Diggings, 1859.

KENDALL, W. T., was of Denver City Water Company 1859 (for ditches, etc.) and Oct 27, same year, claims one quarter section of land in Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road, land being near the mountain pass, about 32 miles from town of Mt. Vernon.

KENDALL’S CREEK, near the Eureka Tunnell.

KENNARD, Marshall W., was a grantee, Denver lots, Aug 2, 1859.

KENNEDY, Bart, arrived Oct 24, 1858 with the Plattsmouth Nebraska Company. (Afterward killed by Indians between heads of Chicago Creek and Bear Creek.)

KENNEDY, E., from Illinois, arrived with D. Kelley of Pennsylvania spring ’59.

KENNEDY, J., and E., arrived with party under D. McKenney ’59. (See.)

KENNEDY, J. B., from Plattsmouth, Nebraska arrived 1859.

KENNEDY, J. E. (or J. B.) both used at different times, was killed by Indians in the mountains of South Park Jul 26, 1859. There is a poem by him in RMN, p. 1, Jul 23, of that year. RMN, p. 9, Aug 13, gives his name J. B. Kennedy.? He was murdered by Utes, together with J. L. Schank, and William M. Slaughter is said to have been in the party, but not killed. Kennedy was a miner, and a party for rescue of the bodies was immediately organized in Mountain City, and the following were the brave men who under took the expedition over the range: Dr. Foot, G. W. Colvin, E. Dickenson, J. Richardson, T. H. Clemo, all of Mountain City, and from the Spanish Diggings the following: J. Higginbotham, known as “Mountain Joe,” E. Hancock, --- Henderson, --- Triplett and Mr. Parks. (RMN) The place was up Chicago Creek, across the Snowy Range, and some prospectors had found the bodies after the Indians had murdered the men, and had filled the graves but slightly, so the newcomers raised more earth above it, cut initials on the wall of rock at right hand side of grave, and planted a fir tree at head of grave, and so left it. Mr. Kennedy’s murder by the Indians was discussed by C. Carson (Kit Carson), Indian Agent at Fernando de Taos, New Mexico in a letter to the RMN, p. 2, Sep 3, 1859.

KENNEDY, John, partner of Ellison & Crooks, in mining Gregory Diggings 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 35, Mountain City, etc.)

KENNEDY, Mary, grantee of lot in Auraria, Oct 11, 1859, south 44 ft of lot 11, block 42, from Eli Dickison, grantor. (Arapahoe County Land Records)

KENNEDY, T. P., arrived 1858. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, living Denver 1907-1920, etc. Arrived in May of year above.

KENT, Andrew, claims land in Bear Creek at base of mountains, dated Nov 15, 1859. (Jefferson County Land Records)

KENT, Oran O., (Judge) arrived Dec 28, 1859. Lived in Denver on Arapahoe Avenue (now 8th Street) near the Platte River. The place he had was large, with garden, and long cottage placed with side toward the gate. The neighborhood was pretty, for many large cottonwoods remained of the original grove, enough to give a certain beauty to this part of Auraria, which was later called “West Denver” and where he continued to live until the early seventies.

He married a Mrs. Frazier, who had several daughters, Caroline, Clara, Ella, possibly another one, and Judge Kent was the father of Stella, who later married Alex Comparet, an artist well known in Denver for many years, but now deceased.

KEPLER, G., arrived spring 1859, mentioned in list in RMN. From Perryville, Ohio by Platte Route, May 12. 49 Days enroute, with four men.

KEPLINGER, Martin, Aug 7, 1859, grantor to Jerry Lewis, lot 7, block 7, Auraria.

KERNAHAN and ALTAR, mining, Russell’s Gulch, with six men year 1859.

KERR, E. G., from Auroria, Indiana, arrival mentioned in RMN May 12, 1859 by Lone Star Company of Wagons.

KERR, Herminia M., is grantee of Denver lots on Jan 21, 1860, from H. J. Brendlinger, later, Herminia M. Kerr, wife of Dr. Mark G. Kerr of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gives to H. J. Brendlinger, power of attorney to sell etc. her Denver property. This may be an arrival of ’59 although there were some few non-resident property holders, and it is possible she is one of these.

KERSHAW, Fred, on Nov 10, 1859 files farm claim to land situated one half mile southwest of Bear Creek “on the old Indian Pole Trail to South Park.” He was a witness in Auraria July same year to Sheriff’s sale of Auraria lots, and later to a deed.

KERSHAWE, Jeremiah, is associated with Clayton & Lowe, in Denver 1859, and is of Leavenworth, Kansas in Feb 1860 and grants several Denver city lots.

KETTLE, G. E., arrived Apr 6, 1859, was of Denver 1907, and member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Born Rhode Island Oct 2, 1835.

KEY, Mr., arrived summer of 1859. (RMN)

KIDD, William H., of Kidd and Williams, grantees from Louis D. Reithmann, Mar 8, 1859, lots “with house thereon.” (Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber A, p. 98)

KIEFER, Frank P. arrived May 16 in Capt. G. W. Henderson’s train, 1859. He is from Ohio. (RMN)

KIEM, James, arrived 1858. Director Denver City Town Company, had four Donation Lots granted him from said Company 1859.

KILLERAN (Kileran), William, member of 1859 of Union Bar Gold Mining Company, Rocky Mountains.

KILPATRICK & COMPANY, records claim in same Diggings, June same year.

KILPATRICK, Thomas, records claim for mining and building purposes 100 feet on Gregory Gulch, etc. Oct 1, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 19)

KIMBALL, Asel, records claim for land at base of mountains on the Bear Creek, Nov 25, 1859. (Jefferson County Land Records, 1859)

KIMBALL, Chapin, records claim similar to that of Azel above, ’59.

KIMBERLIN, F. W., name in list of 1859 settlers in the South Park.

KIME (or Kimes), James, and Levi, together had transaction in Denver lots, Oct 31, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records) A certificate of lots of James Kimes, is in Liber A, p. 185, old)

KIME, L., (see Levi above) of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, arrived May 5, 1859. He is “of Denver” in September same year, and has sale of his lots. On Oct 17, he is grantee of six Denver lots, and in Liber A, p. 187 is record of another transaction of his in Denver property. The name is copied as “Leroy” in this record, and another, afterward, same.

KIMENS, William (see McKimens)

KINE, L., of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska Territory, arrived in spring 1859. (RMN)

KING, ---, of firm of Clark, King & Company, mining, in Spring Gulch, 1859.

KING, ---, of firm of Coleman, King & Company, mining in Gregory Diggings. (Mentioned in RMN, summer of ’59.)

KING, D. W., was of course an arrival of 1859, for he deeds claim filed for record Jan 13, 1860, for mining purposes near Golden (Liber A, p. 5 – no witness) and again on same date a land claim for ranche, “commencing at a certain stake marked E. W. King, sticking north and east of the log slide on the mountain south of Golden City,” etc. (long description, Jefferson County Land Records, Liber A, p. 8)

KING, H. G., always a friend and a youthful chum of Charles H. Judkins, (came in wagon train from Tennessee 1859). He became a freighter, and went to Golden to live. (Another record says John H. King.)

KING, James, is witness to deed between Golden Gate Town Company and William G. Preston, dated Jan 13, 1860. This is either an arrival of the year above or was enroute during last part of the year. (Jefferson County Land Records)

KING, John, was chairman, summer of ’59 of Quartz Valley District Miners’ meeting.

KING, John H., was a shareholder in Golden City Association ’59. His lots and descriptions filling some space in their Record Book, pp. 55-6-7. (See also under H., G. King, above.)

KING, Sa. A, arrived May 8, 1859, born Massachusetts Jan 3, 1837. Lived Silver Plume and was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society about 1920.

KINNA, John, original stockholder City of Auraria, 1858. Merchant doing business in goldfields in December, this year, when the firm of Kinna and Nye was established, advertizing as miners’ outfitters, hardware, steel pans, etc., also dealers in gold dust. This firm was much noted for several years. In the files of 1864 appears the following advertizement or notice of a wedding: Married, on Saturday, May 7, 1864, Mr. John Kinna and Miss Nettie McGavran, both of Central City, Gilpin County. They leave for Bannock where Mr. Kinna goes into business. (Mining Journal, Blackhawk, May 7, 1864)

KIOWAY (or Kiowa), was a political district or precinct of ’59, but only one delegate to the Constitutional Convention in June of this year.

KIRBY, John F., (also called J. C.?), a founder of Golden City, a shareholder Golden City Association arrived Jun 1859, and he was the defense council in a trial in that City, Dec 21, following, and on Jan 13, 1860 with Richard L. Bright and John H. Wall, all of Golden, filed claim, etc. (Land Records Jefferson County, Golden)

KIRK, O., sells or loses (?) his interest in two select lots and two draw lots, “where the building is commenced,” dated Sep 1, 1859. Denver City. (Arapahoe County Land Records, ’59)

KIRKLAND, S. B., arrived spring of ’59 from St. John’s P.O., Harrison County, Iowa (or Indiana?) and later in May brings RMN specimen of quartz found about twenty miles in mountains, on head waters of Vasquez Fork (now Clear Creek).

KISKADDEN, Brothers, brought to Denver City stock of goods 1859, but did not stay long, but went to Salt Lake where they located permanently. (Larimers Reminiscences)

KISLEY, James M., of Arapahoe County, is grantor, Jul 8, 1859, to W. H. H. Larimer, lots 9-10, from southeast corner D. and McGaa Streets “with all buildings and logs 7 shakers, (in the Pinery) sufficient to complete the house now being erected.” (Arapahoe County Land Records, ’59)

KISNER, John, files notice that he has claim in Foster Gulch (next A. N. J. Crooke’s Claim) which is to be laid over until following June, according to the mining laws of the district, etc. dated “Mountain City, Sep 29, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 23)

KITCHEN, C. W., of Leadville of 1907, 1920, etc. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, and an arrival of 1859.

KLEPPELL & COMPANY, mining, four men, Pleasant Valley, summer 1859.

KLINE, Perry A., arrived Jun 1, 1859, mining in Russell’s and Gregory Diggings, later in California Gulch, French Gulch, Buckskin Joe and Superintendent of quartz mills most of life later in Central and Eureka Gulch, etc. Born Klineville, Berke County, Pennsylvania, said to be a grand son of a Revolutionary soldier, and son of Peter Kline, a legislator of Pennsylvania and highly respected man. Another account says he arrived in May of ’59 (?)

KNIGHT, Daniel, in Apr ’59 received Donation Lots, with agreement on his part to build hewed log house. (Auraria) He was witness to deed Jul 25, and on Jul 28 is grantor to W. H. H. Larimer, for $100, lots 11-12, southwest corner D. and Larimer Streets. The grant above includes 33 logs, with all other buildings. (Liber A, p. 71)

KNIGHT, Edward, probably arrived ’59 for on Jan 10, 1860 he is filing claim of ranche land near town of Piedmont, 160 acres. (Jefferson County Land Records, Liber A, p. 21)

KNIGHT, James, he and Daniel Knight received Donation Lots from Denver (Auraria) Town Company Apr 1859, with their agreement to erect house. Later, on May 11, the following grant is made by him: “Know all men by these presents, that I, James Knight, for, and in consideration of the sum of $45.00 the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have this May 11, 1859, sold and quitclaimed M. C. Fisher the following described property: to wit: The house and two lots owned by me on McGaa Street between B. and C., Denver City, corner B. and McGaa, Arapahoe County, Kansas Territory, and also two Draw Lots, to be drawn at the Donation drawing of the Town Company, in the Town above named: in witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Denver City.


Wit: Antoine DuBray. Certified to by D. C. Collier, Clerk of the Probate Court, May 11, 1860.

On the reverse of this deed is written the following record: “Denver City, May 14, received of M. O. Fisher, one sack of flour which pays me in full for the within property. Witness P. H. Way


Recorded May 23, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber A, p. 50, old)

James Knight is still living in Denver (1925). On Sep 20, 1859, James Knight again becomes grantor, this time to one of the Larimers, John M. M., and for $35 sells lots 3-4, block 18 on Wazee Street. Also two Draw Lots, with all buildings, will defend the title against claims of T. Connoll. Recorded Sep 20.

KNIGHT, John, is entitled to two Select Lots, 11-12, Block 67, Denver, also two

Draw Lots, dated Mar 1859.

KNIGHT & MORRISON, their cattle ranche advertized, RMN, May 7, 1859, situated on Platte River, three miles below mouth Cherry Creek and with large corrall, and good range for stock, and rates low at $1 a head per month. This firm was composed of Dan Knight & William Morrison. They were also partners in deal in city lots, in Denver, Sep 1, same year The Western Mountaineer, Nov 8, 1860, Golden, published the following announcement, which may be of interest to the Knight family, and possibly a relative of one or more of them: “Died, in Denver, Nov 3, 1860, Emma A. Knight, daughter of Addison & Margaret J. Knight, aged 3 years, 8 months.”

KNOX, J. H., was a delegate from Eureka to the first Constitutional Convention in Auraria and Denver in Jun 1859. This Precinct had seven delegates.

KNOX, Thomas, a noted newspaper correspondent from the East, in winter of 1859-60 was an editor at the Central City Register.

KOCHERHAUS, Fred, files certificate of his two Denver lots, 21-22, block 74, Aug 23, 1859, donated for building, and sells same to Murat in November same year. This pioneer arrived with Plattsmouth Nebraska Company Oct 24, 1858.

KONKLE, Henry, files description of his ranche claim in Jefferson County “as southwest corner of Lewis’ and Mowry’s claim on Bear or Bever Creek, 160 acres, located last summer.” (1859) Recorded Feb 17, 1860. (Jefferson County Land Records)

KOONTZ, A Douglas County settler, said to have arrived 1859.

KROENIG, William, Esq., arrived from Taos, New Mexico, and reports Indian troubles. (RMN, file, 1859) William Kroenig is said to have settled in Canon City also in 1859. Also in same year made ranche on Huerfano, 150 miles from Denver, a beautiful spot described by Byers in RMN of Apr 25, 1860. The party was entertained here in fine style, with great hospitality. Kroenig’s ranche had 150 acres under cultivation, and many more than this for range. He had an acequia already built (for irrigation) and employed 25 Mexicans. He is considered to be one of the founders of Canon City.

KRONK, J. H, and three others arrive from Champagne County, Illinois, by Platte Route, 37 days from St. Joseph, Missouri May 7, 1859.

KUCHERHAUTZ, Fred, arrived Oct 24, 1858, with Plattsmouth Nebraska Company. (Rucherhautz?)

KUHN & DILLON, firm, Denver, Aug 23, 1859.

KUNKLE, Dr., mentioned in letter of William Larimer, Jr., as being in Denver City before Jan, 1859, and taking his share of Denver lots back to Sioux City, Iowa to sell part of them. Dr. A. S. Kunkle was a stockholder in Denver City Town Company ’58 and in ’59 received share of John S. Smith, transferred to him in Dec 15 of previous year. Asa S. Kunkle seems to be his full name, for in Jun ’59 some of his lots were sold by Sheriff.

KURTZ, Daniel E., was resident of Denver in 1890, date of publication of 2nd Volume Hall’s Colorado History, and his record is on p. 559, but the marriage following is from Colorado Republican, Sep 1861: “Married, at rectory of Mr. Kehler, Sep 26, 1861, Daniel E. Kurtz, Esq. and Miss Anna W. Marsh, both of Arapahoe County.”

KYOTE (or Kayote), a political precinct of ’59 was large enough to have three delegates to the first Constitutional Convention June of this year.

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