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IDAHO SPRINGS, (formerly called Idaho), is situated on Payne’s Bar, at mouth of Virginia Canon. It is seven miles above the junction of North and South Clear Creek.

IDDINGS, James M., in 1859 was merchant in Auraria, continuing to do business until 1861, possibly later, as J. M. Iddings & Company, with store on Ferry Street, above 5th. He was captain in the war of the Rebellion, it is said. Was a partner of Thomas L. Fortune. Storage and Commission business was his principal interest. (Iddings was grantee of lot 9, block 22, Auraria, dated Nov 4, 1859, from McFadding and Easter.)

ILIFF, John Wesley, arrived 1859 and was at first a partner in store on Lawrence Street, with A. Fenton and D. Auld. (Directory ’59) He appears in Land Records first, in August of this year, being certified as owner of lots 17, block 12 and lot 32, block 192. He is said to have been born (Zanesville Ohio) Dec 18, 1831, died Denver Feb 8, 1878. He was educated Deleware College, Ohio, bred farmer, and came to Denver with small train of provisions to open store. Selling out he invested in cattle, became very wealthy, owned 20,000 acres land at one time. Later built what was then fine residence at corner of 18th and Curtis. After his death it was used as a medical clinic for a while, and then demolished about 1921. His first wife was Miss S. E. Smith of Deleware, Ohio, and 2nd he married Miss Elizabeth Sarah Frazer of Fitzroy, Ontario, who after his death remarried to Bishop Warren of the M. E. Church. (The last note from Vickers’ History of Denver 1880.

ILIFF, W. H., a resident of Breckenridge 1890 arrived Jul 6, 1859, was born Ohio Jan 4, 1836. (Hall’s History Colorado, Vol. II, page 558)

ILLINOIS CENTRAL, (precinct) was a mining camp which was quite large, for it had four delegates to the first Constitutional Convention in Jun 1859.

ILLINOIS GULCH, not far from Gregory Diggings, and here rockers had to be used as water was so scarce. This was a Precinct in Jun 1859, and gave four delegates to the first Constitutional Convention in Auraria.

ILLION, a new town, laid out on Bergen Hill, in Jefferson County, about 19 miles from Golden City, late in 1859. Later, in Feb 1860, its name was changed to Pleasant Park.

INGALLS, O. P., this may possibly be an arrival of ’59 though not certain, as no evidence other than a newspaper clipping which states that he helped start the Protestant Episcopal Church in Colorado in Feb 1860, and had been a resident several months.

INGLE, S. D., was a member of the first Constitutional Convention June 1859 from Deadwood (Diggings) Precinct, which gave six delegates to this convention.

INGLES, Abraham, located farm claim Jan 6, 1860, Jefferson County, in Casto Gulch, or Canon, land having cabin already built. This is probably an arrival of ’59, as he could scarcely spy out a claim so soon after arriving in the new country.

INK & COMPANY, arrived from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, May 17, 1859 with four men (in list of new arrivals RMN).

INSLEE, Col. S. L., mentioned in History as having been the previous occupant of the room used for his first school in Auraria in 1859 by Prof. Goldrick. (September) Inslee’s name appears in Land Records of ’59, as he had lot donated by Denver Town Company.

IRELAND, Roger, of Ft. Lupton, name in list of pioneers at banquet 1881, names pasted in at back of RMN file of 1859, by some later editor. The clipping seems to be from Tribune or Republican of 1881.

IRION, J. W., arrived Jul 5, 1859, member Colorado Pioneer’s Society 1907, was of Thomasville at this date.

IRISH, William, had Donation Lots in Denver, with his agreement to build hewed log house, 1858. (These lots may be been in Auraria?).

IRWIN, J. P. B., shareholder in Golden City Association of 1859. (Record of Shareholders Golden City Association, Golden)

ISBELL, W., from Ohio, arrived May 22, 1859 by Lone Star Company (see) coming by Smoky Hill Route. (RMN)

IVORY, Michael, an arrival of Oct 1858, born in Ireland 1833, lived Denver 1890, and in 1907 also, and was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. The following marriage may be of his relative or of the pioneer himself. Michael Ivory married Rosalie Favearm Mar 11, 1868, by R. S. Wilson. Witnesses, William Ryan, A. M. Allen, D. J. Cook of County of Arapahoe.

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