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EADS, Mr. ---, arrived Denver City May 19, 1859. (Mentioned by Larimer in his Reminiscences, p. 160)

EADS, R., was a delegate from Fountain City to the first Constitutional Convention, June 1859. (RMN)

EAGLE, M. B., formerly of Iowa, and member of Fayette Lodge No. 60 of Iowa, was an original member of Auraria Lodge A.F. & A.M. 1859.

EARL & COMPANY, mining in Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats, 1859.

EARL BROTHERS, their brass band of these brothers comes soon to the Apollo Theatre, Denver City. Dec 1, 1859.

EARL (Earle), George, arrived May 24, 1859 accompanied by William Earle, with Leo Express Company, via Smoky Hill Route, 43 days out of Leavenworth from Leo, Indiana. Seven men. (RMN)

EARL, H., original stockholder of Auraria City, pioneer of 1858.

EARL, H., pioneer of 1859 arriving accompanied by M. B. Earl and N. Earl with D. D. Taylor’s Company May 17, 1859 in Denver City, party included 14 men, the Earls from Iowa, 30 days from St. Joseph, Missouri. The party brings news of the accidental shooting of one of their men on May 4. (RMN)

EARLE, William, see above under George Earle

EARLY, of Nebraska, arrived May 5 from Florence, Nebraska Territory. (Another account states the place of his former residence to be Omaha.) (RMN)

EARLY, J. R., of Denver, arrived 1859. Born Pennsylvania Jan 4, 1834. (Member Colorado Pioneers’ Association, name from their list.)

EASTER, John, is said to have the honor of getting up the “Lawrence Party” in 1857-8. He kept a meat market in Lawrence, Kansas, buying cattle of the Indians. One of these had shown him, in 1857, a bunch of nuggets found near Pike’s Peak region, while a guide in the Sumner Expedition. So Easter organized the Lawrence Party, and in May 22, 1858 they arrived, he being in the 3rd wagon. He later in the year became a stockholder in Auraria City. His name appears often in early deeds, and his autograph probably might be found. (See Liber C, p. 128, old paging, or p. 225 same.)

In October 1859 he owned lot 5, block 38 Auraria, etc. He was living in Cripple Creek District in 1901 it is said. His portrait is reproduced in the Smiley’s History of Colorado, p. 185. (See also History of Denver by same author.)

EASTMAN, E. E., arrived Jun 16, 1859. Living Denver 1907. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Association about 1907, up to 1920.

EASTRIDGE, J., name in list of pioneers of 1859 published in paper, but date and place of clipping is lost. Said to be from Iowa. Resided Denver at that time.

EATON, B. H., Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Resided Greeley, arrived 1859. Born Iowa Jul 1833. (Died.) See Portrait & Biography Index for biography of this pioneer.

EATON, John, was witness to signature of deed at Eight Mile House, Jefferson County, Jan 1, 1860. (Jefferson County Land Records 1859-60)

EATON, R. P., grantee, Arapahoe County Denver lots, Nov 1859.

EAYER, George S., witness, Auraria, deed, etc. Dec 31, 1859. He was delegate to the first Constitutional Convention in June of year, from Griffith Precinct.

EBERT, Fredrick J., of Denver, said to have made one of first surveys of Denver City. (Post, Aug 31, 1924) The records of which were lost in the great flood in Cherry Creek, 1864. He is also surveyor of the first railroad west of Missouri. (The K.P.R.R.) Ebert was born in Germany, died in Denver about 1882 (?)

ECCLESTON, E. Noel, Clerk S. C., Nov 1859.

EDDY, Levi, his claim for ranche purposes, surveyed by P. H. Sayer Dec 28, 1859. (Jefferson County Records, Liber A, pg. 2, Golden)

EDES, Richard, grantee two corner lots in Denver City, east side Blake Street, north side C. Street, from William P. McClure, Jun 1, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber A, p. 125)

EDGERTON & COMPANY, (W. T. Edgerton & F. L. Andre) grantors, to claims on Gold Hill, both are residents of Mountain City, Sep 26, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 35)

EDWARDS, A. C., arrived Jun 2, 1859, with seven other men and two wagons by Platte Route. He is from Brownsville, Nebraska Territory. He was Territorial Representative elect from the Fifth District in one of the legislative bodies (?) of 1859. Later can find no data.

EDWARDS, F. A., a delegate from Gregory Diggings in the first Constitutional Convention in Auraria, 1859. This may be the same as FRANK O. EDWARDS, member Colorado Pioneers’ Society living Denver 1907, noted as having arrived Apr 8, 1859.

EDWARDS, John W., a Welshman, living Idaho Springs 1859, came by oxteam from St. Louis, journey of 90 days duration. Had mined in all the best camps, said to have lived often on venison alone, often no bread to be obtained. Prospector, later in life interested in the Toll Road near Idaho Springs. Was born Carnarvon in Wales, Sep 25, 1826, farm bred, came to New York, then Wisconsin, California via the Ohio River, then St. Louis, next Pike’s Peak. In 1880 was living and owned some good mining property. Married Dientha Whalley in 1872. (Notes from History Clear Creek County)

EDWARDS, W. R., was in Jun 1859 member of first Constitutional Convention from “Jackson Precinct.”

EIGHTMEY, H. B., resident of Mountain City 1859 and member Rocky Mountain Rangers. (An organization to promote law and order.)

EIGHT MILE GULCH, entered mountain at Golden Gate City, two miles from Golden City. Eight Mile Gulch Road (otherwise described as the Golden Gate Road) was established in 1859, but finished in 1860 by Dan McCleery.

EIGHT MILE HOUSE, was a ranche house at the head of Eight Mile Gulch, eight miles above Golden Gate City. It contained two quarter-sections of land, with house in centre of the first quarter section. (Described at sale Jan 1, 1860.) (Deed is made here between Brown & Fellowes and T. M. Roberson on this date.)

ELDER, John H., (a pioneer who died in Auraria in 1859) was from Red Wing, Minnesota. Member of firm of Baugh & Elder, Storage & Commission merchants on Ferry Street. He had a number of transactions in Auraria lots, sold lot 9, block 33 on St. Louis Street in Sep 21 and on Dec 14, about a week before his death, sold to W. T. Graham, lot 9, block 54, also in Auraria. (Liber D, p. 202, old) The lot on St. Louis Street, first mentioned, must have had a house (his home ?) for he had $100 for it, a great price when most lots were selling at ten dollars. His death is noticed in RMN of Jan 11, 1860, but it occurred Dec 26 preceding, and burial was under auspices of Auraria Lodge A.F. & A.M. on the 27th, interment in Mount Prospect Cemetery. This Lodge passed Resolutions of Condolence which were published at same time as the funeral notice.

He had been formerly member of RedWing Lodge of Redwing, Minnesota. He left a family. Later, Jul 9, 1860, the Auraria Town Company for $1 donates southerly 44 feet of lot 6, block 4 in Auraria City to HANNAH P. ELDER, who may be a widow, or other relative.

ELDORADO HOTEL, name of David Smoke’s cabin hostelry at southeast corner of Larimer and 10th (then known as 5th and Ferry). 1859.

ELDRED, Holden R., Fiftyniner, freighter, born May 3, 1837, Medina County, Ohio. Is said to have made 19 trips across the Western Plains. Resided once at Dodge County, Wisconsin (Fondulac), then Minnesota after arriving Colorado merchandized in Black Hawk, and was in War in ’63 (1st Lieut.) in Capt. Tylers’ Rangers. Then moved to Boulder, later had store in Valmont. Married Mar 25, 1860, Miss Ophelia Allen. Has three sons. (History Boulder County)

ELECTIONS in Jefferson County, Kansas (early name for Colorado) were held in 1859 and the RMN announces that the whole number of votes cast were 774. This was a regular election for County officers, under the laws of Kansas Territory.

“ELIZABETHTOWN” was laid out on head waters of South Clear Creek by George F. Griffith and others Aug 1859, at spot where they had struck a lode.

ELKHORN TUNNELL, was in Nevadaville District 1859.

ELLIS, ---, of lumber firm of Meeserve & Ellis, Auraria, 1859.

Note: D. Ellis kept drug store in Mountain City, 1860. (?)

ELLISON, James W., (Gregory Record, p. 35, 1859) mining with others in Gregory Diggings, file claim to lay over mine until next spring. (He is of A.N.J. Crook & Company – see this.)

ELLMENE, Calvin (?) (Caroline Elmore ?) (recorders make many mistakes in spelling!) grantee, lot 11, block 38, Denver, Oct 26, 1859.

ELMORE, Caroline, wife of P. P. Elmore, grantee, from Auraria Town Company, lot 10, block 99, Auraria City, Dec 3, 1859. Consideration $100.

ELMORE, P. P., was candidate for Council, election Dec 1859. In 1860, he and wife Caroline make deed, Apr 19th, etc.

“EL PASO,” a town of 1858, occupying situation of the place known later as Colorado City.

ELY, Dennison J., is grantee, Denver City lots, Dec 1859. On Jan 9, 1860 he is grantee of lot 3, block 6, Auraria City. Later still in 1863 the Tri-Weekly Miners’ Register of Central mentions that Calvin L. Ely and his son, William L. Ely are owners of two stores in Nevada and Blackhawk. Ely & Niles is firm name.

ELY, J., pioneer of 1858, arrived Nov 11. Member Gilpin County Pioneers’ Society marked in list (died) no date. This is marked under Dennison J. Ely, but there seems to be some confusion. The RMN mentions the arrival of J. Ely, miner, from Iowa, in Denver in list of emigrants coming in spring of ’59. But J. Ely is later mentioned as of Boulder, arrived 1858. In Apr 23, 1859, RMN speaks of him as of Jefferson Trading Post, near Long’s Peak. He is also given in one place as of Jefferson Diggings. (Settler.)

EMBRY, Wilford, baker, residence Ferry Street, Auraria City. (Directory of 1859 businessmen and firms of Denver and Auraria.)

EMERSON, H., from Louisiana, arrived May 17, 1859 with D. D. Taylor’s company of wagons. (The rest of the party are from Iowa, see under D. D. Taylor.)

EMERSON (or EMMERSON), James, was resident of Gregory Diggings Jun 1859, for was a delegate from that place to the first Constitutional Convention in Auraria. On p. 38 of Gregory Record of 1859 he is a grantee, Sep 29 of his claims in the place. He is of Denver in September and member first Territorial Council under the Provisional Government of Jefferson Territory. In November following, EMMERSON & COMPANY working three claims and six men were in Russell’s Gulch in summer of same year.

EMMETTE, John, of the Cibola Minstrels, at Apollo Theatre, Denver 1859.

EMMONS, D. B., of Mountain City, Sep 16, 1859 is witness in sale of mining claims. (In Fisk Lode, Gregory Diggings, Gregory Record, p. 30.) On Sep 29 he is witness again p. 37, in another deal.

EMMONS, Ira, an old California miner, is said to have panned gold in Spanish Diggings in 1857. (This place above Denver, on Platte.)

EMMONS, Jacob, of Gregory Diggings, Kansas Territory, grantor to Mark D. Burghardt of same place, claims, etc. Sep 29, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 41,)

EMORY, ---, Jul 20, 1859 had farm claim on Bear Creek, Jefferson County, next that of William Lewis. (Liber A, p. 14, Golden)

EMORY, Madison, owned select lot fourth from southeast corner E. Street and Blake, Denver, later taken by F. Campbell, Jul 1859. Later, Dec 8, is a statement that he is owner of one select lot where his house now stands, being lot 3, block 41, Denver City (“entitled” is word used.) Dec 12 Madison Emory of Arapahoe County gives to Anna McKay of said County lot 3, block 31, Denver. Later, Dec 13 she signs relinquishment of any right in his estate. (Anna Emory this.) Both persons sign with X.

EMPIRE RANCHE, a political precinct in 8th District 1859.

ENDLICH, Charles, of Arapahoe County, grantee with Fred Salomon, from Charles Tascher, lot 11, block 31, Auraria, Nov 4, 1859.

ENGLISH, W. R., pioneer of 1858, and original stockholder of Auraria.

ENICHE (Endlich ?), Charles, grantee, Nov 5, 1859, part of lot 11, block 8 on Ferry Street, Auraria. Consideration $700 from G. Goldburg.

ENNESLEY, S. J., member first Constitutional Convention from district of Fountain, 1859. (This would be site of Pueblo.)

ENNIS, William, and four men, arrive from Topeka May 16, 1859. (RMN) On Sep 13, same year, he is grantee from M. Cook, lot 1, block 63, Auraria.

ERHART, Horatio, grantor mining claim in Simmons’ Lode, Gregory Diggings Oct 1, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 15)

ERHART, & RICHARDS, mining, two men, Nevada Gulch, summer 1859.

ERICH, Charles, (see Eniche ?), witness Nov 24, 1859. (Arapahoe County land deed, Liber F, p. 23)

ERWIN & COMPANY, (Ervin ?), mining, summer 1859, Pleasant Valley, four men.

ERVIN, A., & COMPANY, grantees of Auraria lots, Sep 9, 1859.

ESTES, Joel, and son Milton, came to what is now Estes Park 1859. They afterward pre-empted the ground, but traded it later for a yoke of oxen. Later Byers named the Park it is said. Milton Estes resided at 1273 Evans Street, Denver, in 1899. His son Edwin Estes was with the RMN. He later lived in Weld County. Was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Born Missouri Mar 28, 1840.

EUBANK, W. L. (or W. T.), lived Denver 1920, a pioneer of 1859. Arrived Mar 15. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society.

EVANS, J. F., arrived 1859, lived Leadville much later. Born Pennsylvania Oct 22, 1836.

EVANS, Samuel L., pioneer 1859, died Central Apr 23, 1896, aged 69 years. His funeral was from Presbyterian Church, under auspices of Colorado Pioneers. He arrived at goldfields Jun 4, this year first mentioned, and belonged to Gilpin County for a long time. He left wife and son.

EVANS, Thomas P., born Virginia Jan 26, 1834. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Living Denver 1920. He arrived 1859, was “of Arapahoe County.” Oct 13, same year, grantee from Presley Talbot of lot 10, block 241 (?), Auraria City. Later, November is witness to deed, etc. Again, he is grantee of lots on Blake Street.

EWING, D. W., of Fort Lupton 1890 and later probably. Arrived Colorado May 9, 1859. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society, stated that he was born Pennsylvania 1829. The RMN of this year says: Mr. Ewing, from Salt Lake is a visitor in Denver.

EWING, George, buried with full Masonic honors by Auraria Lodge Oct 26, 1859, a meeting of Brothers of the Lodge having been called to make plans for his funeral. (See RMN of near date.)

EXCELSIOR SAW MILL, in Mountain City, Gregory Diggings. Thomas J. Bayaud, agent of owners 1859.

EYSER, Charles, born Holstein Germany Oct 6, 1822. Name in Hall’s List of Pioneers of Colorado. Arrived Colorado Jul 6, 1859. He was a miner, stockgrower, rancher, grocer, etc. Had provision store in Mining District, and was in Denver washed away by flood, 1864. About 1862 he returned to Davenport, Iowa and brought out his wife and children. Julia died 1924, at 2336 Gilpin Street, Denver (July). His children follow: (1 daughter) 1-Julia A. Eyser, was 13 years old in 1862 when removed to Denver. Married John C. Kauffman, a pioneer of 1860, who kept the Colorado House on Blake Street, a pioneer hotel, founded early. He died 1899. She was member Colorado Pioneers’ Society and Territorial Daughters of Colorado. Three children survive their mother: a daughter who married Herman Fischer, a daughter who married George H. Kaub of Denver, another daughter married S. M. Price of Palmer Lake, and a son F. A. Kaufman who lives 1924 in San Diego, California.

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