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The Colorado Genealogical Society's

1885 Colorado State Census - Arapahoe County

1885 Colorado State Census - Arapahoe County


In 1987, the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies embarked on a statewide project called the 1885 Census Index Project in order to make a statewide index of names, counties, enumeration districts and pages. It would include the schedules of Population, Agriculture, Manufacturers and Mortality. This statewide project is not complete.

The Colorado Genealogical Society was assigned the former Arapahoe County which included the present Denver, Arapahoe and Adams counties. An Extraction Committee was formed of Bonnie Garramone, Bette Peters and Joanne Classen to gather the volunteers for the project. Many members came forward to help with the extracting, proofing and electronic data entry. The Colorado Genealogical Society decided to publish an expanded version of only Arapahoe County. Other members were added to the committee: Birdie Holsclaw as computer consultant, Sandra Carter-Duff as compiler and publisher, James Jeffrey of the Western History and Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library, Philip Wargo as technical developer of the CDROM, and Jim Englehorn as publisher.

On behalf of the membership of the Colorado Genealogical Society and all future users of the 1885 Colorado State Census - Arapahoe County, I thank the individuals named above and named in the acknowledgments for their dedication and perseverance in completing this important project.

Julie Miller, President
Colorado Genealogical Society

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1885 Colorado State Census - Arapahoe County

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