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The Denver Public Library has more than 600,000 photographs in its collection, including thousands of photographs that have not yet been digitized. Original photographs are placed in closed storage for their protection and preservation. In some cases, after consulting the high resolution digital images if available, researchers may request access to the original photographs. To arrange an appointment to view the original photographs or to find out more about the Photograph Collection, contact the Photo Curator at:
photosales@denverlibrary.org or (720) 865-1818.

The digitization project is ongoing. We will continue to scan new items but we do not plan to scan our entire collection. In some cases, items in our collection have been copyrighted and we currently do not have permission to make them available on our site. In other cases, items in the collection do not warrant item level access. For example, we have numerous collections documenting wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. These collections often contain hundreds of images of the same plant, taken on the same day.

Coal miner's daughters

Children of UMWA (United Mine Workers of America) coal miners on strike against CF&I (Colorado Fuel and Iron Company) pose in Ludlow, Las Animas County, Colorado; girl's outfits include high-button shoes [1913 or 1914].

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