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Undigitized Photos: General Subjects

Primary Subject Headings:

Advertising - Animals
Archaeology - Avalanches
Beauty Contests - Business
Camps - Crime
Dancing - Dueling
Earthquakes - Explorations
Fish - Fur
Gambling - K (No Photographs)
Labor - Livestock
Medicine - Mountains
National - Overland
Paleontology - Public
Radio - Royal
Saddles - Surveying
Television - Tunnels
U S Armed - U S Works
Valley - Zoology

The above is a list of folder titles in the Denver Public Library's Western History Photograph collection. The General photographs are arranged alphabetically into broad subject categories.  A listing of these broad categories is provided above as Primary Subject Headings.  Further breakdowns are made in each category.  To view a listing of these breakdowns, click on the alphabetic breakdowns following the Primary subject headings. The contents range from original 19th century photographs to book plates to modern copy prints. The images in these folders have not yet been digitized and cataloged. To find out more about these items, please contact us:
photosales@denverlibrary.org or (720) 865-1818.

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