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Maps and Atlases Collection

The Library's historical map collection documents a wide range of locales, time frames, and themes, providing information about mining, land use, road development, and political boundaries. Our Colorado map collection is especially developed and includes fire insurance maps that provide valuable clues to building researchers. Many rare, historic maps of Colorado and the West are available for use in the Western History and Genealogy Department's W.S. Jackson Family Map Area. Our rare maps and oversized items are available to researchers by request. Though our maps focus primarily on the Western United States, we have historical maps of every state in the Union. You can search our map collection with the Denver Public Library's catalog. Use terms like "maps," "trails," "county name," "railroads," and "mining" etc. More...

Father Kino, a Franciscan Monk, produced this 18th century map of the Gulf of California.

An 18th-century map of the Gulf of California by the Jesuit Eusebio Francisco Kino (1644-1711).

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