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William S. Jackson Family Papers Scope and Content Note

The Jackson Family papers span 1860 to 2003, documenting three generations. It is important to note that to avoid confusion between four generations of William S. Jackson, the designation of [I], [II], [III] or [IV] has been added with the donor's permission. The collection is organized in chronological order beginning with William S. Jackson [I], who arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1871. Although the amount of material generated by William S. Jackson [I], retained in the collection is minimal, it provides insight into the foundation of the second generation of Jackson's who were born and raised in Colorado Springs. William S. Jackson [II] and his siblings, Helen, Everett, Roland, Edith and Gardner led active and diverse lives.

The bulk of the collection comprises documents generated by William S. Jackson's [II] legal career and his investments. His career as a lawyer, agent for the Department of Criminal Investigation, and Colorado Supreme Court Justice are well represented in the collection.

The materials related to his involvement with numerous organizations exemplify Jackson's [II] activities in both his professional and personal life. In addition, the series of his personal papers includes extensive correspondence between himself and members of the family. The volume of letters provide insight into the family relationships and history. It also documents the extensive investments that were passed on from generation to generation.

William S. Jackson’s [II] siblings’ papers primarily record their personal lives although Edith’s and Gardner’s contain a limited amount of papers that record their careers. The amount of papers in the series on Roland and Everett are minimal, due in part, to their early deaths.

The papers in the William S. Jackson [III] Series 22 are also expansive. Documents record his military service during WWII, his career as a financial advisor, his personal life and his role as financial planner for the relatives and family historian. William S. Jackson’s [III] papers also reflect his involvement with organizations on a professional and personal basis. His diverse interests and concerns are echoed in the number of organizations Jackson [III] actively participated in and continues to support. Some organizations include: Denver Association of Mental Health, Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, Seventh Avenue Association, Denver Art Museum and the Pioneer’s Museum.

William S. Jackson’s [III] siblings’ papers, Anne Fiske Jackson Wilhelm and Jean Jackson Wilhem Emery comprise a portion of the collection. Although the amount of material is small, the personal correspondence reflects their relationship with William S. Jackson [III] and the family.

The collection also contains the papers of additional family members and in-laws from the late 1800s to current (2003). The amount of material is limited for many of these individuals but it does reflect the relationships between the generations of family members and friends. William S. Jackson’s (III) donation to the Denver Public Library of the family’s financial records, correspondence, memorabilia and photographs he accumulated, document the history of three generations of a Colorado pioneer family.

The photographic material was transferred to the Digital Image Collection.

The Juan Jose Lovato Land Grant Records, WH1090, is a related collection donated by William S. Jackson [III].

It should be noted that the manuscript collections of several family members are held at other repositories.

For further information contact the Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library, 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO, 80204-2731. Telephone 720-865-1811.

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