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Denver Parks Collection

Denver Parks Timeline

1860 Denver Population 2,603
1859 Rocky Mountain News begins publishing, George Wakely opens first photography gallery
1862 First Public School
1864 Colorado Seminary (University of Denver)
1868 Curtis Park

1870 Denver Population 4,759
1870 Railroad service linked to Denver
1877 Albert Bierstadt paints “Estes Park”
1879 Colorado Historical Society
1881 City Park
1881 Tabor Grand Opera House, first Union Station
1886 Montclair Park
1889 Denver Public Library

1890 Denver Population 106,713
1890 Elitch Gardens, Fairmount Cemetery, Equitable Building
1891 First Denver Municipal Band concert in City Park
1892 Brown Palace Hotel
1893 Artist Club of Denver
1895 First Festival of Mountain and Plain
1896 Denver Zoo
1898 Cheesman Park, Washington Park
1900 Denver Museum of Natural History, Denver Symphony Orchestra
1904 New Denver City and County Charter, Mayor Robert W. Speer supports City Beautiful in Denver
1906 Sloans Lake, Barnum South Park
1907 Cheesman Pavilion
1908 State Capitol and Auditorium Theatre completed

1910 Denver Population 213,381
1911 Civic Center and Pioneer Monument
1911 Rossonian Hotel, Daniels and Fisher Tower
1917 Denver Art Association
1919 Denver purchases Overland Park
1923 Denver Art Museum
1924 Benedict Fountain
1925 East High School on the Esplanade
1929 Municipal Airport dedicated

1930 Denver Population 287,861
1932 City and County Building
1935-1947 George Cranmer, Manager of Improvements and Parks
1937 Barnum East (Crowfield) Park
1941 Red Rocks Amphitheatre
1946 Crestmoor Park

1950 Denver Population 415,786
1951 Denver Botanic Gardens
1956 Bear Creek Park
1961 Bible Park
1961 Colorado Concert Ballet

1970 Denver Population 514,678
1970 Historic Denver, Inc.
1971 First Colorado Opera Festival
1972 First Capitol Hill People’s Fair
1973 Park Central Building
1974 Highland Canal Greenway
1975 Four Mile Historic Park
1976 Skyline Park
1978 South Platte Greenway begun
1978-1979 Denver Center for the Performing Arts
1982 16th Street Pedestrian Mall
1987-1991 Carolyn and Don Etter, Managers, Department of Parks and Recreation
1989 Colorado Symphony Orchestra

1990 Denver Population 467,610
1991 Civic Center restoration completed
1995 Denver International Airport

2000 Denver Population 554,636

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A view of the boat landing near City Park pavilion in Denver, Colorado [1906].

A view of the boat landing near City Park pavilion in Denver, Colorado [1906].

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